Jupiter in Aries:

Jupiter is going to stay in Aries for January 22 to June 4 2011. How this works for all zodiac signs, lets find out…

Capricorn : Jupiter entering Aries




If you have been on the road too much lately and all the paper work related to your book, work place, computer, internet, blogs and school has wearied you out, your focus now simply will be your home, your parents, close family members and your profession also. From helping your mother cleaning kitchen to taking care of her health, you might do anything for her. You may decide to move, sell current space, buy a new one or just renovate or decorate your present house. This will be the right time to act. Buying new furniture can be your next move too.

Lately you have been thinking to improve your profession status. Due to Saturn’s presence in your solar tenth house things weren’t that easy. Now you should see some positive changes after April.