Jupiter in Aries:

Jupiter is going to stay in Aries for January 22 to June 4 2011. How this works for all zodiac signs, lets find out…

Pisces : Jupiter entering Aries




When Jupiter enters in Aries on 22nd January, you will get financial help to deal with debt, loan, bad credit, stingy employer, bank charges and big financial projects as few examples. Being Saturn in your eighth house of other people’s money such as bonus, commission, tax return, any government help, child support, mortgage, court settlement or inheritance will be hard to get too. So you need to use these coming five months wisely to take care of any debt or loan and you will be glad you did.


You may see a tiny increase in your income source which will help you in next coming months too. Don’t take any big steps from March 30 to April 23 in Mercury retrograde time.

Aquarius : Jupiter entering Aries




After taking care of your second house of earned income and being helpful with all money matters, Jupiter is putting his magical steps into Aries which is your third house of communication skills, short distance travelling and siblings or cousins. You will be travelling to nearby places rather than overseas. You may decide to buy new vehicle too. These visits seems to be related to your profession more than fun or outgoing but you will like it and it will be beneficiary too.


Speaking and writing will be on top chart too. You may discover your hidden talent related to communication art. Editing, marketing, blogging, advertizing, story writing, report making, analyzing, publishing your book or article, broadcasting, programming and writing a code in computer software are some examples. You may qualify and do good in entrance exam at school or university.

Capricorn : Jupiter entering Aries




If you have been on the road too much lately and all the paper work related to your book, work place, computer, internet, blogs and school has wearied you out, your focus now simply will be your home, your parents, close family members and your profession also. From helping your mother cleaning kitchen to taking care of her health, you might do anything for her. You may decide to move, sell current space, buy a new one or just renovate or decorate your present house. This will be the right time to act. Buying new furniture can be your next move too.

Lately you have been thinking to improve your profession status. Due to Saturn’s presence in your solar tenth house things weren’t that easy. Now you should see some positive changes after April.

Sagittarius : Jupiter entering Aries




Your attention will move from home, family, house and properties to your own self, friends, social events and hobbies turning into skills. Now matter of hearts will come on surface. So get ready you are going to find a true romance. You have stayed so busy since last eight months, now you will have time getting socialize and making friends. If you are not attached, this is the time you find someone interesting and stay connected for long time or lifelong.

Having Jupiter your ruler of sun sign, you are the most favorite person for him so that doubles the luck. Saturn’s visit in your eleventh house friendship and profits sector won’t be over until October 2012. With Jupiter on your side for four months, you can except things become easier in gaining from your profession or business and socializing with friends. Deciding having a baby or taking care of kids will be in your agenda too.

Scorpio : Jupiter entering Aries




Providing most romantic time and memorable time with your child over the years Jupiter is moving forward into Aries, your solar sixth house of health and work. If you just found out any issue regarding your health or you weren’t serious about that health problem, Jupiter is here to help you out. Whether doctor is dentist or orthopedic or OB/GYN, your health will improve with right directions from right doctors.

If you are self-employed you will be able to find lots of new work and jobs to deal with. You will be getting ready in market for big promotion or better position if you are working for others. Having Jupiter your natural ruler of earned income of solar second house, you are sure going to make lots of money. This kind of work load may keep you busy on the road too.

Libra : Jupiter entering Aries


Your days are arriving Libra! After giving you strong health, diet, right doctor and perfect pet animal for family, Jupiter is moving to your solar seventh house of partnership and close relationships. I understand how you are feeling hosting Saturn in your own sign. Until June 4 you will fill relaxed and some relief from learning hard life lessons from Saturn’s camp.

You are already having troubles with family relations and/or business partnership. Being Jupiter on your side for four months you have a chance to fix that relationship. If you are single and not attached, I am sure you are going to find your better half very soon. Jupiter is going to touch his all degrees in very short time period so everything will happen so quickly. Short distance travelling will keep you busy too. Having close relationship with someone might help you get through from Saturn’s hard phase.

Virgo : Jupiter entering Aries


Virgos are going to have Jupiter in solar eight house. So that is a big news for money matters! Due to Saturn staying in your second house of salary or earned income, the money you will see may come from irregular bases like commission, royalty, scholarship, inheritance, loan, tax refunds, mortgage, bonus as few  examples.

Jupiter will give you four months to cover hard time from Saturn’s visit in salary sector because Saturn will stay in there until October 2012. So you should least expect that your wages get raised. Not all your attempts will succeed to increase your income even though you may try to change work place.

Leo : Jupiter entering Aries




2011, from January 22 to June 4 you may get a chance to go abroad or foreign country or any long distance journey, where you meet new people and new culture. The reason for this could be a close relationship, publishing or broadcasting field or teaching or studying at university.


You may hear some news from your sibling or cousin. A belief in your religion may get stronger or you may become a member in organization related to that. Any exam you give for qualification that should bring good news too. You may get a chance to write column in newspaper or magazine or your book may get final touch for publishing.

Cancer : Jupiter entering Aries




Jupiter is going to work hard in your solar tenth house of profession, fame, career and its’ achievement from 22nd January to 4th June 2011. If you are already self-employee, you may decide to expand your business. You may try to raise fund or capital for new venture due to Mars’s position in Aquarius.


If you are waiting on a response from authority figure or government department, now you should be
able to receive some news.

You might spend some good time with elderly person, your parents or related to your father. Or you might just hear news from them.

Gemini : Jupiter entering Aries




Jupiter is entering your solar eleventh house of social events, friends and new people on 22nd January. You will see lots of people around you. With help of Mars in next month you will be on the road too, so you will visit some social events, new clubs or any place with full of people get to gathering. This will
be in your advantage too while you are enjoying with new events and people.

This may be the time to eat your fruits of hard work you have been doing since beginning of last year. So you can consider these coming five months for your best career headway.

Saturn is still putting obstacles in finding true love from your solar fifth house is now going to oppose Jupiter from eleventh house. This is really big relief for Gemini for better romantic aspects. You may see this situation getting better.

Taurus : Jupiter entering Aries




Travel is concern in your chart this month. With help of Mars after January 15 you may get a green
light for making plan for long distance traveling. Before almighty Jupiter enters into your sign Taurus, he is due to visit Aries in your solar last sign from January 22 to June 4 2011.

So you are going to get ready for new big cycle for next twelve coming years. In order to do that
Jupiter will make sure your hands (and mind) stay clean and empty so he can fill those up with gifts and bright luck after June 4. Life will be in a process of change. Although twelfth house represents rehab and meditation, you may come up with new personality-a new you. This depends on the places you are going to visit and the people you are going to meet. No matter what happens you
will benefit from this time, dear Taurus.

Aries : Jupiter entering Aries


Big news for Aries is the arrival of Jupiter in your sign on January 22 to stay until June 4 since 1999! Jupiter had put his steps in Aries from June 4 to July 28 2010 already. So some early March-born Aries got their excellent luck that time.

Jupiter’s golden touch will be felt in all subjects. Love and romance will be on high chart. Health problems will become past and you will be able to find right doctor also. Traveling can be in your schedule too.

But you need to keep this in mind that having Saturn in your solar seventh house of partnership, which owns your tenth house of career is going retrograde from January 26 to June 12 2011. You will have to give more attempts to boost your career. I hope you have planned and worked out for your profession field already in first three weeks of January.

You get this kind of lucky trend every twelve years. But you will get what you attempt to do. So use this wonderful time.