Jupiter in Aries:

Jupiter is going to stay in Aries for January 22 to June 4 2011. How this works for all zodiac signs, lets find out…

Libra : Jupiter entering Aries


Your days are arriving Libra! After giving you strong health, diet, right doctor and perfect pet animal for family, Jupiter is moving to your solar seventh house of partnership and close relationships. I understand how you are feeling hosting Saturn in your own sign. Until June 4 you will fill relaxed and some relief from learning hard life lessons from Saturn’s camp.

You are already having troubles with family relations and/or business partnership. Being Jupiter on your side for four months you have a chance to fix that relationship. If you are single and not attached, I am sure you are going to find your better half very soon. Jupiter is going to touch his all degrees in very short time period so everything will happen so quickly. Short distance travelling will keep you busy too. Having close relationship with someone might help you get through from Saturn’s hard phase.

2 Comments on “Libra : Jupiter entering Aries”

  1. lgj says:

    You have been so accurate with your writing about the libra, untill I felt as if you where in my house/car/truck as well as had a hide camera watching me to predict what you had written.
    Now please tell me when saturn will get his luggage and move on.

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