Jupiter in Aries:

Jupiter is going to stay in Aries for January 22 to June 4 2011. How this works for all zodiac signs, lets find out…

Taurus : Jupiter entering Aries




Travel is concern in your chart this month. With help of Mars after January 15 you may get a green
light for making plan for long distance traveling. Before almighty Jupiter enters into your sign Taurus, he is due to visit Aries in your solar last sign from January 22 to June 4 2011.

So you are going to get ready for new big cycle for next twelve coming years. In order to do that
Jupiter will make sure your hands (and mind) stay clean and empty so he can fill those up with gifts and bright luck after June 4. Life will be in a process of change. Although twelfth house represents rehab and meditation, you may come up with new personality-a new you. This depends on the places you are going to visit and the people you are going to meet. No matter what happens you
will benefit from this time, dear Taurus.

One Comment on “Taurus : Jupiter entering Aries”

  1. darshna says:

    fantastic writing

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